Friday, March 20, 2009


Four days, spring skiing, good friends....I had an awesome little get away. It was my first time away from Jack and I think I did ok. I missed both my men but it was so nice to have a break. I went to Aspen with very dear friends who I traveled with years ago. We had a ski in/ski out condo at the base of Snowmass. The weather was beautiful - you can't beat spring skiing. I got a wonderful massage, sat in the hot tub, had a night drinking tequila with some college guys! ( i was the loser Mrs. Robinson!) It was so relaxing which is just what I needed to gear up for IVF.

John also had a great four days bonding with Jack. I think it was so good for both of them. In fact, Jack would not come to me when I got home! not really the homecoming I had dreamt of, but it was nice to see him want his Daddy and hold him around the neck. I think we both got a feeling of what the other's day to day life is like.

Here are some pics!


Good FriendsApres Ski

Reliving my College Days!


Nicole said...

That is so good for John to have some one on one time w/ Jack.
Looks like you had perfect weather-very nice!
And, cute boys! haha.

PeWee said...

This just sounds soo wonderful!