Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The return

Well - as the the title of my blog states - many things are "worth waiting for" and hopefully my return to writing is one of them. The last year and half has been crazy and being a writer has taken the back burner to all the other things that I am. To quickly recap - the last post was about a respite trip to Aspen in preparation for IVF. Well - that cycle was successful and we now have a beautiful baby girl added to our family. It was a long year of fertility treatments, then a somewhat rocky pregnancy (horrible back pain, bleeding and a hospital stay) but then two weeks before Christmas of 09 -our miracle baby was born. (6 years after our first attempt to get pregnant - that was worth waiting for....) Most of 2010 has been spent marveling at our little family and transitioning to a house with two children 2 and under. Which leads me to my first post of this new cycle of blogging.

I'm been doing a lot of thinking lately as to what defines who we are. We wear many labels as we stumble through our days but if you had to pick one thing that described you, what would it be? This I know - I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, Mother (an adoptive mother as well if we're using labels), traveler, adventurer, runner (kind of), reader, scrapbooker (well not since 2006- but that was pre kids)- I suppose the list could go on, but once we are a Mother - most everything becomes second. Small little hands need ours to guide them, our hearts to love them, our minds to challenge them, our arms to hold them. Those are the big things, but it is obviously the little things all through my day that leave me with not much left once bedtime is done. What I have left I hope I am giving to my marriage and husband. I find throughout my day, I think of all the things I can accomplish once the kids are sleeping. And yet once they are sleeping - I am vegged in front of the TV unable to accomplish much.

I want something more for me. I think I will be a better Mother, wife etc... if I carve out some of my day doing something that nourishes my soul. All summer that was training for a triathlon. I didn't want to really - but signing up for something forced me to get out and take a few hours a week for myself. With the race behind me and the weather soon to turn I know I need a new label.

Writer. It's something I've always wanted to be, or pretended to be and think I can't be. I love to write but I self edit so much, most times I barely get anything on a page. I know there are 800 thousands blogs out there - and I don't believe I have too much original to say. But I think sharing your life, your story, writing down your history is a gift to yourself and really to my children. So blog, I'm back. It's time to add writer to my list of labels.


John said...

Proud of you, nice re-entry into the blogging world.

Nicole said...

Ditto! I'm so behind on my blog as well....oh well-as you say, everything becomes 2nd, or 3rd or 4th behind motherhood! ;)
love ya!