Friday, September 10, 2010

The kindness (or not) of strangers...

Parenting is truly tested in airports and on airplanes. I embarked on my first trip to LA with lil Lu, alone for four hours. This is an open letter to the people I encountered along the way.....
(side note this is first time I've encountered less than amazing customer service from SW)

To the baggage ck guy at the curb. Could you not see a flustered, late, woman struggling with two strollers and a car seat?  Standing there with your arm out staring at me  does not indicate you are available to help me. Then basically shaking your head at me while taking my bag does not soothe a weary traveller. Hope you enjoyed your 1 buck tip. (hope my bag actually makes it to LA)

Thank you to the many passengers at the gate who offered up their seats as I tried to feed Lu a bottle standing up  There are still gentlemen in the world and people who make your baby laugh instead of scowling at you like you have the plague when traveling with an infant.

However, to the angry, cranky woman who was in such a hurry to board the plane she pushed passed me and a lovely  woman trying to help me collapse my stroller, I hope sitting in row ahead of me was worth it. Oh and I will call you out on your pushiness and no I was not "yelling" at you. What are we three?

Ms.  flight attendant in the front of the aircraft:  Please don't let me interrupt your book as I struggle to get out of the coffin sized bathroom with a child, a dirty diaper already sealed in a bag for you, and a diaper bag overflowing...really I'm fine. 

And to my seat mate in the boiler hat, sunglasses, and blaring iPod:  muttering under your breath that you can't wait until you're flying in a private jet after being asked to turn down your annoying music (by me) and to put your seat up for take off (by flight attendant) does not make you cool. It kinda makes you a pathetic loser who will join the ranks of 1 million wannabe "artists" the second you land in LA. Good luck with that. 

To my beautiful baby girl:  thank you for being such a happy, easy baby that just brings joy to everyone you smile at. You were awesome and I will travel anywhere and everywhere with you sweet one. We have many adventures ahead of us. I love you.