Sunday, March 8, 2009

IVF - Phase 2

Shots start tonight! These are the easy ones - in the belly or thigh -sub-cutaneous. I need to learn how to give them to myself because I am leaving for...ASPEN on Sat. Looking forward to 4 days with friends skiing and relaxing. It will be my first time away from Jack for so long!

If I panic and can't give myself the shots, I'm sure one of my friends will be able to. There shouldn't be too many side effects of this drug. This is to suppress my system so that I don't ovulate. When I get back I will start the fertility drugs.


Nicole said...

Shots are no fun. :( Hoping for some good results soon! :)

Deanna said...

This worries me too when my time comes! Would love to hear what you think afterwards. I hear from some that you get use to them and they are not so painful....I have a hard time believing that ;) Enjoy your ski trip!