Friday, March 20, 2009


Well...I had a blood test and ultrasound on Wed and everything looked great, so I started the Gonal (fertility drug). So now I am on two shots a night, both easy, and in my belly. I get my first ck up on Monday to see how I am responded to the drugs. Most likely, I will be on the stimulating drugs for 10 days which puts us right around next weekend for extraction. It is all starting to happen fast, hard to believe I may be pregnant by Easter! I am trying to keep a positive attitude while being realistic. I am continuing the acupuncture, I have an appointment tomorrow - where she will help with Egg development and lining. I imagine there has to be something said for Eastern medicine, it's been around long enough. I have good vibes around all of this, maybe because I have Jack and the "pressure is off" so to speak, I just think this will work and we will have another baby. So c'mon ovaries let's get some eggs going!

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Wendy said...

Don't you love acupuncture? I loved going (it just got to be too expensive to continue for us.) I thought it really made a difference in how I felt going through each cycle.

Good luck!